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Lunatic Fringe Dublin is one of the best hairdressers in Ireland, it is part of the well known and reputable Robert Chambers Hair Group, unquestionably the best hair salon group in Dublin and Ireland, synonymous with being at the forefront of cutting edge hairdressing in Dublin and training for decades.

 Our multiple award winning teams are trained to the highest International standards set by the Robert Chambers education team. Lunatic Fringe @ Robert Chambers is leading the way by offering clients from every walk of life an individual and unique salon experience. Two Locations, Two Passionate Teams.



Our Philosophy at Lunatic Fringe Hairdressing Dublin is to enjoy evolving and bringing out the individual personality in each and every client, ultimately walking out with a smile on their faces.

This is the philosophy we teach to our Team of talented Lunatic Fringe Hairdressers in Dublin; Creating a warm, friendly environment where we can offer you a professional consultation and personalized experience.

Classic Cuts to Trendy young modern looks on Ladies or Gents, specialists in unruly hair, Curly, too thick, too thin, unusual partings, crowns etc. Not a problem!

We take great pride in giving thorough consultations, educating our clientele along the way.


Hairdressing Jobs Dublin

Hairdressing Jobs & career opportunities at Lunatic Fringe @ Robert Chambers Dublin

Hairdressing Jobs

There are great and career opportunities at Lunatic Fringe @ Robert Chambers, if you would like to become part of our creative, talented team, please send your CV to GRAFTON@LUNATICFRINGE.IE along with the following information:

  • Job title you are applying for

  • Date of Birth

  • Name & Address of current or most recent employer

  • Previous Employment: Please list your last 5 years of employment

  • Employer’s Name & Address Post held and reason for leaving

  • Please give a brief summary of your experience relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Please give names of two referees

  • Why are you looking to change your place of employment?

All information is strictly confidential and is treated appropriately

Lunatic Fringe @ Robert Chambers for the best training & career opportunities in Dublin, Ireland.